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Self Assessment

How Mature is my Organisation?

Using information collated from International Thought Leaders, Educational Institutes and Technology Providers, our AI Self Assessment is designed as a litmus test for business leaders to determine their Organisations AI Maturity in relation to the Global Market. 


Using the self assessment we have created a Global Index and Benchmark from Organisations across sectors. This index is entirely anonymous with no publicly available ranking. When you complete your assessment you will receive your percentile ranking within the Index.

The Global Index is designed to keep a Global pulse on the level of maturity across verticals and geographies when it comes to AI adoption.

Verification and Certification

Following completion of the Self Assessment you have the opportunity to submit evidence of your answers and receive a Certification badge to promote your AI Maturity to future/customers and future/employees.

This evidence is reviewed by one of our team and verified within 48 hours. Once reviewed you will receive your Certification Badge which you are able to use any way that you like.

There are 3 levels of Certification which is displayed at the end of your Self Assessment. Certification is valid for 12 months from acceptance and can be renewed or upgraded as you improve. 

Complete Online Self Assessment

Receive Report and Results Pay for Evaluation

Submit Evaluation Documents

Documents analysed and verification badge released

All results listed on website and Quarterly reports released

Yearly Graduation of verified companies. Renewed every year


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